Optometrist “Bukan Sekadar Cermin Mata” Survey

Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) is launching a survey on Optometrist & “Kedai Cermin Mata”. So, we call upon all Malaysians to answer this survey to enable us to gauge public perception on this issue. Your participation & feedback on this survey are greatly appreciated!

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AMO Cares Project

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AMO Cares Project in support of Optometrists working as Frontliners in hospital & health facilities across Malaysia. ❤️ 🇲🇾

Recently, Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) had initiated AMO Cares Project in which a total of 6000 face masks & 320 face shields are distributed to Optometrists working in 83 hospitals across Malaysia.

During this difficult time, AMO wishes all Optometrists working as Frontliners & those providing essential & urgent services to the rakyat to be safe & stay healthy. We can go through this turbulence together.

AMO Recommended Guidelines on Consultation Charges

Dear all Malaysian Optometrists,

The Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO), in the continuous journey to enhance the professionalism of Optometrists in providing the best eye and vision care to the public will be introducing a general guideline of consultation charges. This guideline shall provide enormous benefit to consumers as it outlines a list of standardized charges for specialty consultation services. Optometrists can now use this recommendation to standardize their practices and consumers rights will also be protected against rogue practitioners

Reasons for Standardization
The current optometric practices ranges from conventional and often manual methods to utilization of highly sophisticated instrumentation and technologies. The difference is in the level of details each method is able to achieve in providing a better insight into the condition of the patient’s eye. Some of these instruments are simpler to operate while others may require specially trained skills in order to obtain an accurate results for diagnostic and management purposes.
As the community of Optometrist grows, together with the level of sophistication that’s being constantly upgraded, AMO sees the need to establish a guideline on these special consultation services not only to cover the cost of providing such services but also encourage more practitioners to equip themselves with the latest knowledge and tools to serve better primary eye care.

Industry Benefits
The standardization of charges provides clarity to the public and protects the practitioner from the negative publicity of price abuse. It will also protect consumers from practitioners who charges indiscriminately and provides an easier avenue for the consumer to seek legal remediation.

AMO anticipates some variance in the actual charges in real practice as the cost of instrumentation and patient’s eye condition may differ and requires longer consultation time. However, these variances can be easily accounted for in accordance to the guidelines.

AMO hopes this guideline will be used by all Optometrists to enable us to move forward together in the future.

Official Statement on Restricted Movement Order During COVID-19 Pandemic

AMO emphasizes that the profession of Optometry is recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia as a healthcare profession that provides essential primary eye care services to the community.

AMO wishes to state that during this period of national “Restricted Movement Order” due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, its members are permitted to provide continuing essential eye care services to the patients that they serve, which include various elements of refractive, oculo-functional and ocular health care.

AMO asserts that optometrists who decide to render such services be fully responsible for the necessity and urgency of the services; and this is subject to strict adherence to the guidelines and SOP issued by the Ministry of Health via the Malaysian Optical Council. Only urgent and essential services should be given. Non-essential and routine cases must be postponed to after 31st of March.

AMO stresses that utmost priority be given to the safety of both patients served and the staff who provided the services. The practices must be equipped with the facilities and services for the prevention of COVID-19 if they are to remain open during this period.

IIUM Optometry Achievements at 10th MSO Annual Scientific Meeting

A research team from Optometry Department, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) consisted of Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohd Radzi and Madam Nazaryna Marzuki won 1st place for poster presentation and 3rd place for Paper Presentation respectively at THE 10TH MSO ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING in conjunction with THE 34TH MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE JOINT OPHTHALMIC CONGRESS.

Madam Nazaryna is currently doing MHSc Optometry (previously, she was an Optometrist in Hospital Kuching and now on study leave with full scholarship). Her main research supervisor is Dr Md Muziman Syah bin Md Mustafa from IIUM Optometry Department and her co-supervisor is Assoc. Prof. Dr Khairidzan Mohd Kamal from IIUM Dept. of Ophthalmology.

The Congress is held from 22-24th March 2019 at SASICC & Zenith Hotel, Kuantan, Pahang.